The Final Countdown

Well here we are. It’s 11:40am on the 5th of July which means that in exactly a week, assuming no more mishaps, Zack and AJ will be sauntering out of Manchester trying to find the M6. That magical motorway that of course as we all know leads more or less directly to Mongolia (at least according to the maps i bought).

The maps have indeed arrived, they are all in foreign which will be entertaining but then who doesn’t enjoy a challenge.

Photo 05-07-2014 12 08 39

“Men read maps better than women because only men can understand the concept of an inch equaling a hundred miles.”

In other news the good people at Edrington have been kind enough to supply us with a small stash of Famous Grouse for the trip to use as gifts for locals, travelling nomads, highway robbers etc. We’re extremely grateful for their contribution and hopefully we’ll win over some new fans to Scotland’s favourite whisky.

Photo 05-07-2014 12 07 32

“Will 36 bottles be enough?”… “Yes i think that might just cover us”

The Eurotunnel is booked, if Germany, Belgium or Holland keep it up we might be able to watch a World Cup Final in a country that is actually playing, friends have invited us to stay in Zurich, the centenary of the beginning of WW1 coincides with our passing through the Balkans, a route is very organically coming together.

Thats the good news.

Unfortunately AJ seems to have contracted some awful stomach virus whilst in Portugal. Not having left himself anytime at all really in-between his holiday and graduation in which to run final prep on the car, buy the tents, stoves, water containers, camping equipment and basically everything else important for the trip, this is of some concern.

Luckily Zack is able to take full charge down in Manchester while AJ lies in bed and does not a lot for the next few days. Lets just hope neither of them get ill while they’re away.

So its one graduation, one more week of work and (assuming AJ can stomach his) one last supper on Friday

Wish us luck


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