Name: Andrew Jordan

Age: 22

Nationality: Scottish

AJ likes to travel. More than that, he likes to tell people that he likes to travel. In fact most of his stories are unnecessarily prefixed with with phrases like “I was in this bar in Peru and…” or “I was walking down the street in Dubai when…” etc.

For some time now it has been a personal aim of his to visit at least 100 of the 200 odd countries around the world in his lifetime, as well as all 7 continents (just Antarctica to go).  Due to the wonderfully fractious geography of Europe and Asia, this little transcontinental jaunt should allow him to get his total up to somewhere around 50.



Straight out of school, AJ headed off to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji before heading over to America to work as a ranch hand in Montana. Eventually heading back to Scotland to attend Aberdeen University, he has was well and trull bitten by the travel bug. Every summer since he has headed off to some random corner of the earth, desperate to put one more pin on the map of the world that hangs in his bedroom.

Iphoto Maps

Few blank spots




Although no stranger to travelling, this trip will certainly be the first of its kind for AJ. Up until now he has more or less stayed on the well trodden path of Gap Yah’s and Gringos. He will probably have to bring his own gin.


Zack’s Thoughts on AJ:

AJ, it is safe to say, lives in his own little world. Odd when you consider how much of the actual one he has seen!

Whether it be classifying a stray dog in Zante as ‘free’, asking why the shoeless porters on Kilimjaro don’t ‘just get more money’ or convincing his good friend that it would be a great idea to eat a guinea pig brain purely for his own amusement – he certainly has a simplistic view on the world.

That being said it is all with the best of intentions and he is incredibly entertaining. As well as loyal. He has a unique ability to get me out of a mood – which will be crucial on a trip of this nature. I can’t wait to jump into a car with the lad and get lost in the arse end of nowhere.

Heres to plenty of gin on this adventure….and the next.




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