Name: Zack Gardner

Age: 22

Nationality: Scottish

Zack also likes to travel. Whether it be city breaks, summiting mountains or toasting his milky complexion into a majestic salmon pink on the beach, he jumps at any chance to try something new.

This adventurous streak was honed through a childhood spent outdoors in the Scottish Borders. The perma – scarred knees and chipped teeth are testament to this. The 3 West Highland Ways that followed suggested that he would soon be making a habit of trips like this but it wasn’t until he climbed Kilimanjaro that he knew he was hooked for life. Machu Piccu followed the year after and ‘The Mongol’ almost immediately became more than a long held ambition – it became an inevitability.


So the Tilly Hat will be donned for its most significant undertaking to date and, along with AJ, Europe and Central Asia will be tackled with gusto. Probably around noon most days but gusto none the less!


Glencoe Marathon 2012_Pippa_146


Zack hasn’t set a target of how many countries he wants to visit in his puff – preferring to go anywhere when he can and letting the tally take care of itself. Well that and his penchant for Manginas means that his list of feasible destinations is drastically limited from the outset.



He will bring the tonic…


AJ’s thoughts on Zack: Having known Zack for quite some time now I like to think I am one of the few people who can gauge what mood he is actually in. For example, I know from experience not to ever ask “what’s wrong with you?” or tell him to “calm down”.  He once asked me if he just had a naturally grumpy face, I tactfully avoided the question. That said, there’s no one i’d rather have with me. A natural outdoorsmen, Zack is always full of energy, usually at the head of the group recanting some ridiculously long winded story that never seems to go anywhere or belting out John Mayer’s back catalogue. That should come in handy when we’re stuck in stuck in the middle of the Gobi desert. I am more than ready for another adventure with my Tilly hatted companion.


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